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Musings about web development and design. I may also ramble on about all sort of things.

Ramble on

Hey folks, long time no see! It's been a while since I last posted something, and I know that I already had said this, but from now on this blog will be frequently updated, glob dammit!

I used to think of blogging as a way to share “answered questions”, and that's why I rarely write something here, because – naturally – I have more questions than answers. From this point forward, I'll start treating this blog as a place to ramble on (you see what I did here?), no more drafts folder with unfinished posts.

For the few of you that still follow me here, please hold tight, a lot of crazy stuff coming on next. Signing off, Edmundo.

Reading Tip #01

“It’s tempting to judge what you read:

I agree with these statements, and I disagree with those.

However, a great thinker who has spent decades on an unusual line of thought cannot induce their context into your head in a few pages. It’s almost certainly the case that you don’t fully understand their statements.

Instead, you can say:

I have now learned that there exists a worldview in which all of these statements are consistent.

And if it feels worthwhile, you can make a genuine effort to understand that entire worldview. You don't have to adopt it. Just make it available to yourself, so you can make connections to it when it's needed.”

— Bret Victor

From time to time, I have a look on Bret Victor's website (lad's a genius), seeking inspiration and new knowledge. This great piece of advice on reading is from 2013, but I just found it. Worth digging!